Volume 2 , Issue 5

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Rate process of potential toxic elements reactions in Arid region
Essam HobAllah, Mohamed Saber, Monier Morad Wahba, Alaa Zaghloul
237-247 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Management of Calcareous Soils in Arid Region
Monier Morad Wahba1, Fawkia Labib1, Alaa Zaghloul1
248-258 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Investigation of Cu metal adsorption using acorn caps obtained from Quercus robur L. 
Zafer Zeybek, Sukru Dursun
259-269 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Textile dye removal from aqueous solution by using peanut and pistachio shells
Birol Kayranli , Oguzhan Gök, Gülden Gök, Özgül Çimen Mesutoglu
270-276 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Spatiotemporal Variation of Brick Kilns and it’s relation to Ground- level PM2.5 through MODIS Image at Dhaka District, Bangladesh
Abdullah Al Nayeem , Md. Sahadat Hossain, Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumder, William S. Carter
277-284 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]