Volume 2 Issue 4 Article 3

Assessment of Outdoor Bioaerosols In Megacity Istanbul-Turkey and Its Relation with Tobacco Smoke

Writer(s): Aslı Baysal 1, Gul Sirin Ustabasi̇ 2,

Biological substances in the aerosols have important impacts on public health and include bacteria, fungi, etc. that they can be toxigenic, allergenic and/or infectious. These substances can be originated from either natural sources such as evaporated sea spray, windborne pollen, dust, and other geothermal eruptions or from anthropogenic sources, like various industrial and man-made processes. One of the usual and daily man-made processes is tobacco smoke. To investigate the outdoor microbial activity and effect of tobacco smoke on outdoor air, culturable microbial activity, and diversity were measured in smoking and non-smoking outdoor sites. Outdoor air samples collected with manual aerosol samplers in Florya, Istanbul (Turkey) during three months in the winter of 2015-16. Average microorganism concentrations were varied 33-200 CFU/m3 and 2-120 CFU/m3 for smoking area and non-smoking area, respectively. The most dominant species were bacillus, staphylococcus and mold.

Keyword(s): a:5:{i:0;s:9:"Pollution";i:1;s:9:"Urban air";i:2;s:26:"Microbial characterization";i:3;s:8:"Istanbul";i:4;s:11:"Bioaerosols";},

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