Volume 2 , Issue 3 (Special Issue)

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Introduction [pdf]
Towards an African Philosophy of Environment
Timothy Adie Okpe, Friday Achu Oti
105-108 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Ethical Implication Of Environmental Crises On African Societies: A Challenge to Future Humanity.
Joseph Nkang Ogar
109-115 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Singer’s Notion Of Speciesism: A Case For Animal Rights In Ejagham Culture.
Lawrence Odey Ojong
116-121 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Training Children Environmentalists in Africa: The Learning by Drama Method.
Edward Ugbada Adie
122-128 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Enyimba’s Notion of Madukaku and The Question of Anthropocentricism in African Environmental Ethics.
Samuel Akpan Bassey, Thomas Micah Pimaro Jr
129-136 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Outlines of The Environmental Ethics of The Ofutop People.
Oduora Okpokam Asuo, Asira, Enya Asira
137-145 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Some Indigenous Solutions To African Environmental Problems: An Appraisal.
Leonard Nwoye
146-152 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Environmental Sustainability and Development in Africa: An “Egbe bere ugo bere” Approach.
Maduka Enyimba
153-159 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
‘Anthropoholism’ As an Authentic Tool for Environmental Management.
Samuel Akpan Bassey
160-168 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
An Investigation Of Obliagatory Anthropoholism As Plausible African Environmental Ethics.
Chinedu S Ifeakor
169-176 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Ibuanyidanda Neotic Propaedeutic Principle As An Afrocentric Environmental Prognosis To The Problems Of Climate Change In The Twenty First Century.
Ubong Iniobong David , Efio-Ita Nyok
177-185 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]