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Some Systematics and Ecological Data for True Bugs (Hemiptera) in Some Habitats in Fieri

Writer(s): Eltjon Hali̇mi̇ 1, Anila Papari̇sto 2, Alba Mara 3,

This study presents a contribution to the knowledge some the systematics and ecological data on the species true bugs (Hemiptera) collected in some ecosystems in Fieri region. The collection of biological material is performed during the period 2016-2017 in 6 stations. In this study we report for Fieri’s stations 110 individuals, 24 species, 21 genus and 10 families. By analyzing the collected material, the Miridae is the most represented family with 5 species and a frequency of 20.8% and with 5 genus or 23.8%. Habitats of Zharrzës station are represented by more species than the other stations, with 10 species or 41.6%. This indicates that these habitats are comparatively more favorable, creating optimal environmental conditions for these species. Based on the Jaccard Index of Similarity Coefficient, Zharrëz and Ardenica habitats have 3 species in common, and  a higher similarity coefficient than the other areas (23.03%), showing a similarity of the ecological factors between these stations, which means a similarity between these habitats.

Keyword(s): Hemiptera, species dominance, habitat,

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