Volume 1 , Issue 4

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Some Systematics and Ecological Data for True Bugs (Hemiptera) in Some Habitats in Fieri
Eltjon Halimi, Anila Paparisto, Alba Mara
85-90 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Utilization of Rice Straw as a Low-Cost Natural By-Product in Agriculture
Camilia El-Dewany, Fikry Awad, Alaa Mohamed Zaghloul
91-102 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Utilization of Wastewater Treatment Sludge and Agricultural Wastes Together as A Compost
Ummugulsum Gunay, Sukru Dursun
103-109 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
Evaluation of the Levels of Haloacetic acids in Gharbiya Governorate, Egypt
Rafat Moustafa, Ahmed Hesham
110-115 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]
New Design for Charging Section of Electrostatic Precipitators Using Thermocouple Principle for Air Pollution Control
G. RajKumar, C. Ganesa Moorthy, S. Sekar
116-119 Abstract [link] Full Paper [pdf]