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Full Papers Submission Deadline: June 30, 2019


  • Prof. Asira E Asira, University of Calabar, NIGERIA.
  • Prof. Joseph N Ogar, University of Calabar, NIGERIA.
  • Dr. Enyimba Maduka, University of Calabar, NIGERIA.
  • Prof. Dr. Sukru DURSUN, Konya Technical University, TURKEY
  • Prof. Dr. Spase SHUMKA, Tirana Agriculture University, ALBANIA
  • Prof. Dr. Irena BARANOWSKA, Silesian Technical University, POLAND

The colonial epoch had an overwhelming negative effect on the African personality and on everything African. In the sphere of knowledge, African systems of values and thought were rejected, denigrated and without due appraisal by many Eurocentric scholars and minds. For this reason, there has been an epistemological vacuum in African values and systems of thought at the international scholarly arena. Western moral ideals are simply one among numerous ethical traditions in the world, and to treat others as if they were the only compelling values humanity has ever thought of, or developed, will be to do great injustice to entire humankind. Western moral speculations on environmental issues of our era are not the only possible ones, and may not be the best solutions that exist. While these speculations are recognized for framing the establishment of environmental dialogue, they have not recorded results in relieving ecological challenges particularly with specific reference to Africa. This is essentially because they are not seasoned with socio-cultural substances which recognize the African indigenous people and also shape their alliance with natural habitation. Given that environmental problems are global, and the intent of environmental ethics is to tackle this concern, critical explorations of environmental ethics should go beyond the Western perspectives. These are by no means matters to which only ‘experts’ or natives from a particular cultural backdrop can provide answers. There is need for significant reflection on African values in environmental ethics because although human beings share some common ideals, our disparities in culture, power and wealth, bioethics presents challenges that are specific to cultures and continent.

We seek answers to the question: What can African ethical values contribute to a global environmental discourse dominated by Euro-American philosophical values?
Possible Themes and Topics (but are not limited to them). We particularly wish to draw attention to four important, under-researched and newly emerging areas:

  • African cultural values and Environmental Ethics
  • African Religion and Environmental Ethics
  • African Totems and Taboo and Environmental Ethics
  • African theories and Environmental Ethics

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