Aluminum Gearbox of Vehicle Engine Recycling


  • Şükrü DURSUN
  • Hamza ÖLMEZ
  • M. Enes UYSAL
  • Mecit AKSU


Scrap metal, Aluminium, Engine, Gearbox, Recycling


The usage of natural mines and materials is rapidly increasing in parallel to population growth and industrial developments. It is very important for future generations that the materials used are transported to landfills and protected from mineral resources by preventing them from being thrown into the environment. Separation of materials produced from different metals as much as possible, production of new materials, protection of mineral resources, and reduction of environmental pollution is also very important in economic terms. In addition to legal sanctions for the recycling of metals and other resources, voluntary organizations are making efforts in this regard. For the ones with high production and cost value at the beginning of recycled materials, more successful results are obtained. In the aluminium recycling plant, the collection and disassembly of the vehicle engines and vehicle transmissions are used in the domestic and abroad, and the dismantling of the aluminium alloys prepared according to the specifications requested by the customers. It is considered during this project stage that the vehicle engines and vehicle transmissions from domestic and foreign countries will not need to be recycled, and the vehicle engines and vehicle transmissions will be sold directly if they can be used directly in the vehicles after the necessary repairs.



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Şükrü DURSUN, Hamza ÖLMEZ, M. Enes UYSAL, Emre DEMİRBAŞ, & Mecit AKSU. (2020). Aluminum Gearbox of Vehicle Engine Recycling. International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Environmental Modelling, 3(2), 68-72. Retrieved from