Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Structures Exposed to Fire


  • Adnan Karaduman


Reinforced concrete, reinforcing, repairing, fire, strengthening


Fire disaster caused by various reasons leads a serious damage to buildings and loss of life. Although buildings are constructed according to the regulations, fire disasters can cause serious damage to buildings. In some cases, it may be necessary to repair and strengthen the structural elements that are partially damaged in fire exposed structures. In this study, investigation and research based of column and beam reinforcement of burned area as the result fire breakout during concrete pouring at a 9th floor of reinforced concrete structure was discussed. During the analysis carried out, it was aimed to strengthen the damaged elements also not to overdesign lower floor column sections of the column load flow between the floors and to complete the reinforcement on the damaged floor. For this purpose, the column sections are modeled in one and two variables linear.



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