Air Impurity Study of Elbasani Town – Albania


  • Anila Jançe
  • Valentin Bogoev
  • Admir Jançe


Air contamination, M.P.A., Czapek, Microbiological, Elbasan city - Albania.


Microbiological features given in this survey are received in Elbasani town, ancient and significant town positioned in central Albania. It is one of the largest cities of Albania, with a population of around 140000 and an area of 900 km². It lies down along Shkumbini River at elevation around 150 m above sea level. Microbiological data on air pollution are given in this study, focusing on the choice of stations to be in different areas and key points of the Elbasan city, thus attempting to contaminate microbiological areas. In recent years, mainly in the last two decades, many microbiological studies have been conducted for the Elbasan city.

The purpose of this study is to present the current state of microbiological contamination of air as an important parameter with a direct impact on the health of the population of Elbasani town. For this purpose, we have received multiple samples with representatives of M.P.A. and Czapek from three stations, during a three-month period of 2017. Laboratory sample processing as well as microscopic observation were performed in "Aleksander Xhuvani" University, Elbasan.

We think that emphasis should be placed on the fact that the Elbasani town has been dominated by a significant microbiological contamination, which comes mainly from different markets of food and industrial character. In our point of view, interesting data were found that clearly show the air microbiological quality.



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