Insects as Food and Feed in The Turkey: Current Behaviours


  • Eda Güneş
  • Melike Özkan


Alternative Food, Edible Insects, Consumer Behaviours, Turkey


Insects which have begun to be seen as the main food source, are becoming increasingly popular in food and nutrition. When we look at foreign studies of insects research within a decade, those concerning edibleness seem to have increased in the last three years. This study provides an overview on the perception and acceptance by consumers of insects as an alternative food source in Turkey and comprises a social experiment. For this purpose, the study was carried out on a total of 100 people attending "Nutrition Education" and "New Trends in World Cuisine", and pre- and post-training behaviours were observed.  It understood that the majority of the individuals participating in the study did not see insects as a food source and would have been consumed if they were religiously appropriate. Despite the work being done, the question remains unanswered as to whether or not edible insects will have the potential to gain a position in the Turkish cuisine in the coming years.



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