Rate process of potential toxic elements reactions in Arid region


  • Essam HobAllah
  • Mohamed Saber
  • Monier Morad Wahba
  • Alaa Zaghloul


Potential toxic elements, kinetics, arid region


Kinetics of reactions in soil and aquatic environments is of extreme importance to understand the fate of reactions take place in soil ecosystems. Most of the chemical processes that occur in these ecosystems are dynamic, and a knowledge of the mechanisms and kinetics of these reactions is fundamental. Moreover, to properly understand the fate of applied fertilizers, pesticides, organic and inorganic pollutants in soils with time, and to thus improve nutrient availability and the quality of our groundwater, one must study kinetics. This review article represents different mechanisms take place in Arid region in order to put the best management practices should be applied to minimize the hazards of these inorganic pollutants.



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Essam HobAllah, Mohamed Saber, Monier Morad Wahba, & Alaa Zaghloul. (2019). Rate process of potential toxic elements reactions in Arid region. International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Environmental Modelling, 2(5), 237-247. Retrieved from https://ijepem.com/article/view/volume-2-issue-5-article-1