Gastronomy Four Zero (4.0)

  • Eda Güneş
  • Şerife Biçer Bayram
  • Melike Özkan
  • H. Ferhan Nizamlıoğlu
Keywords: Gastronomy, Food, Technology, Innovation, Four Zero


With advancing and changing technology in the world, many progress has been achieved in many areas, a progress which is known as industry 4.0, in which the Internet and communication are involved. In addition to the benefits of technology, it also affects the sustainability of many reasons, such as the limitations of natural resources, population growth, ecologically produced waste, cost and the inability of people to keep up with technology. The sustainability of local products necessitated the promotion of gastronomic sustainability. In our work, this fast change from the gastronomic point of view is taking place from 1 to 4.

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Eda Güneş, Şerife Biçer Bayram, Melike Özkan, & H. Ferhan Nizamlıoğlu. (2019). Gastronomy Four Zero (4.0). International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Environmental Modelling, 1(3), 77-84. Retrieved from